Laundry Craft India private limited

1.             Laundry craft™ strives to provide the best quality service to its valuable customer. All the best dry cleaning &laundry service provided in this store are based on standard practices followed by all our Dry Clean expert stores across India. These standard best practices adhere to the global best practices for dry cleaning and laundry.

2.             Laundry craft™ aims to provide the best quality of cleaning services as per standardized methods and care, however does not guarantee the removal of all stains on an article. Wherever possible, the company will notify the customer of stains and issues that cannot be resolved due to further possible damage to the fabric or other characteristics of the garment.

3.             Laundry craft™ shall ensure to follow appropriate cleaning instruction, as mentioned on the respective articles’ wash care label (provided by its manufacturer) or issue the best methods based on standard training provided to our staff (in the case of no wash care provided on garment).

4.             Laundry craft™ shall not be held responsible for articles that bleeds color, shrink or otherwise change as a result of dry-cleaning or washing.

5.             Laundry craft™ exercises professional control during reception of articles, the company shall not be held responsible for any damage due to non-identifiable properties or non-detectable defects such as reduced resistance of fabric or seams, fading and weaknesses of fabric due to sunlight exposure or age of fabric, weaknesses of fabric due to fungus, negative reaction of color of the designs, former defects, deterioration of the buttons, loops, zippers, shoulder pads, ornamentals, embellishments etc., or if the label of maintenance is incorrect.

6.             In the event of an article damage that is not caused by any of the above characteristics, the company’s liability is limited to six (6) times the cleaning charge of the damaged article.

7.             Laundry craft™ is not responsible for the loss of or damage to any personal or non-cleanable articles left in the clothing or bags such as money, jewelry, or personal belongings.

8.             Any difference in the count of items and the number of items on the bill must be reported at the time of delivery only. Laundry craft will not be responsible once the garments are out of the store.

9.             In the unforeseen event of loss or misplacement of any article, Laundry craft personnel shall conduct a careful examination of the specific case. The company’s liability with respect to any lost item shall not exceed ten item of charges for cleaning of article as billed at the store.

10.           Any case of reported loss of damage will have to be processed through our standard grievance redressal team in our city head office and cannot be compensated for from the store front. The period of redressal may vary from one (1) week to three (3) weeks basis the nature of the case.

11.           All articles must be collected with a maximum period of 15 days after they are marked ready. A safe keeping charge of Rs 5 per piece per day shall be charged beyond this period. The company shall make attempts to contact the customer in such cases, however cannot be held liable for loss of any article after a 45 days failure to collect back the article. (45 days from the date of first intimation of garment ready).

12.           Any complaint(s) pertaining to service must be deposited without delay (at the latest in the three (3) business days after delivery of article).

13.           The presentation of the original receipt and garment tags is mandatory for us to accept reworking of any garment. Rework request are not accepted beyond seven (7) days after delivery of article from our shop.

14.           Laundry craft™ reserves the right to refuse cleaning any garment/ article.

15.           For specific article related terms, please read the front of the receipt